Vodafone One Net

Landline Solutions From Talk UK

Vodafone One Net uses the combined power of Vodafone’s fixed, data and mobile networks to create a truly integrated fixed and mobile solution. As the first and only UK network to own both fixed and mobile infrastructures, Vodafone is at the cutting edge of unified communications.

What this means for you is that you need never miss another call, as all your mobiles are extensions of the phone system. Therefore all your users are available on one number from your customers. There are several other benefits, including:

  • One provider, One Bill – Just deal with one supplier for all your communications needs.
  • No more call forwarding charges or diverts from landlines to mobile.
  • One single voicemail for your company, meaning no messages are missed
  • Dedicated broadband to carry call traffic
  • Hosted PBX – Meaning no more office space taken up by phone systems or maintenance contracts.
  • Future Proofed Technology – Benefit from all One Net improvements and new features as they go live.
  • Flexibility to change phone system settings in real time.
  • Integration with Office 365, meaning calls can be answered on phone, mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Click here for real life case studies about how One Net is helping business all over the UK.