Market leading solutions for your fixed
lines and calls.

Landline solutions for businesses

We understand how important telecommunications is to the life of your business and that a partnership with us should give you the best possible service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have both the tools and products to give you the control and flexibility you need to add new services, analyse calls and also to monitor your expenditure through online access to your account and billing information.

We also appreciate how much you will rely on your fixed line service provider, in order to supply you with the best tariff available. At TalkUK Telecom we aim to optimise the efficiency of your current solution as well as reduce your costs.


voip1• We use only Tier 1 carriers with business-class call quality
• We understand the importance of business communications. You only need to make one call to our customer services and we will resolve your enquiries quickly and efficiently
• We provide bills by email, online or on paper together with a range of analysis tools that will enable you to manage your telecoms service
• We offer a range of call-barring options so that you can choose to block unwanted outgoing calls and prevent fraudulent calls
• We will transfer your services seamlessly without new hardware installations or the need for prefix dialling
• We will save you money on your calls with no changes to your existing telephone numbers and lines
• We will present you with one convenient, simple bill each month.
• Customers can analyse billing data on line 24 hours after calls are made or received.

Reduce costs and increase service levels

• Analogue line rentals, transfers and installations
• Multi-line auxiliary Analogue services
• ISDN2e and ISDN2e+ and SIP trunking line rentals and installations
• ISDN30 installations, channel and DDI rentals

Upgrade your lines to Priority Response

• All line issues responded to within 4 hours
• All line issues aimed to be resolved within 24hours

  • We can carry out a full no-obligation tariff analysis of you fixed line services
  • Competitive rates to UK mobiles and landlines
  • Competitive line rentals available
  • If customer has BT as their calls and lines supplier typically we are saving up to 25% against existing bills
  • We bill by the second – no rounding up to the nearest minute
  • A range of call bundles available, allowing you to pay for minutes in advance to help cost planning
  • Flexibility in contract lengths