Our Green Policy

Talk UK Telecom is a telecommunications company, operating throughout the United Kingdom. We are dedicated to conducting our activities in a manner, which protects and safeguards the environment.

To this end, the Directors and employees are committed to continual improvement, prevention of pollution and compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

The Environmental Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is compatible with objectives and targets identified from consideration of the environmental aspects of the Company’s operations.

The Board will communicate the policy to its employees and sub-contractors and strive to ensure that it is easily understood. Policy objectives are:

  • To reduce waste and consumption of resources
  • To reduce or eliminate incidents of pollution
  • To ensure that environmental issues are considered on a regular basis.

At every stage, Talk UK Telecom will seek to advise and co-operate with clients and other interested parties in achieving environmentally friendly working and materials handling techniques.

Talk UK Telecom will encourage its sub-contractors and suppliers to adopt similar policies and objectives.

How we ensure we act as a green company

We make sure that our staff turn off all lights and equipment at the end of the day, to avoid wasting energy

We keep an eye out for software updates that make our computer systems more energy efficient

We use digital procedures where possible to reduce paper waste, by invoicing our clients via email and paying bills electronically – where printing is required, we use both sides of the paper. We encourage use of scanning and email services where these are an option, to avoid posting unnecessarily.

Switch to energy efficient appliances and uses